My name is Kelsey Janak

I’m a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator with a passion for crafting, DIY, and all things geeky. I’m that girl who would miss the first alien contact because she was too busy at her computer, burning her retinas until she found the one missing semi-colon in her code - a small sacrifice to be able to make a living doing something I love. 

I’m a red-headed, fun-loving, always-happy, purpose-driven, frugal-living, 29-year-old girl with too many ideas and dreams that are, in fact, bigger than me. I won't try to hide it, I'm constantly plugged into something. If I'm not yelling at my TV while playing Xbox, I'm most certainly on the computer, pinning the shit out of things for the house I don't have or browsing my favorite internet forums.

While this corner of the internet is a showcase of my career and projects, it also serves another, slightly unintentional purpose that is a personal finance blog. With a passion for my career and hobbies comes an intense desire to own my own space - a house I can decorate, design, and craft to my heart's content to reflect my interests and start my life in. Thanks to that overpriced piece of paper known as my Bachelor’s degree, and the oh-so-wonderful state I live in (where a haunted shack from the 1800’s with a history of 10 murders costs about $200,000), a house is no easy feat. I started blogging about my "getting out of student loan debt" journey here in 2014 and it has since gained an audience. As I now save for a down payment, I write about my struggles and experiences with personal finance and student loan debt in the hopes to help and inspire other people looking to do the same.   

Not only is this site a showcase of my professional work, but a blog about my creativity, my struggles, my finances, and my life. My wired life.

I want to inspire and encourage those like (or not like) me as I code, design, and craft my way through personal goals, milestones, and share my experiences doing it.