DIY Pine Cone Bridesmaids Bouquet - Tutorial

As some know, my wedding is coming up this September. It's located in the White Mountains and forest of New Hampshire and Maine, so the "theme" is exactly that - woodsy. 

I came across a few pine cone bouquets on Pinterest while looking for some inspiration and new immediately I wanted them in our wedding. I originally was going to have it for myself and for the girls to have sunflowers, but decided on the reverse of that, since sunflowers stand out a lot more and the bride/groom are supposed to be the focus.

I attempted to find tutorials on how to make this, but all I could find was one with tiny images that weren't at all helpful. Based on the info from that and some trial and error, I came out successful on the other side and want to share how I did it for future brides!  

This tutorial's current state is still unfinished, as I got too carried away with the end goal that I forgot to take pictures past the pine cone part. I promise I will complete it soon, however, since I still have two more to make!


15 or so pine cones, collected from outside (you can also purchase from craft stores)
Few branches of Christmas tree, collected from outside
1 stem of fake or real baby's breath (mine was fake, purchased at Micheal's)
1 packet of stem/floral wire
1 roll of brown floral tape
1 roll of twine (mine was purchased tan and I painted it gray)
Roll of ribbon to use for wrapping or to make a bow
Hot glue gun/sticks
Paint (if you want to paint the twine)

First step is getting the floral wire into the pinecones. This was an interesting series of trial and error before it clicked and the answer was obvious. 

Take the middle of the wire and push it through one of the lower rows of scales - the lowest row you can fit it through (the super low ones are too closed off). I pulled one end of the wire towards the middle and then did the same to the other side until the wire was even on both ends and half-wrapped around the pine cone, as seen below. 

Now cross the wires in the center and start twisting all the way down the wire.

Avoid wires getting attacked by your cat.

Once your wire is twisted, it's time to add the floral tape. This tape becomes sticky as your stretch it, but stretch it too much and it will rip, so be careful. I just wrapped it all the way down the wire.

Repeat this process (hopefully minus the cat) for all your pine cones until they're all wired and covered in the floral tape. 

This is where I stopped taking pictures, unfortunately, but I at least got you past the hard part. A nutshell version of the steps to follow are: combine pinecones together like a bouquet, twist wires together, wrap more floral tape, add branches, wrap more floral tape, add twine (and paint if necessary), make and glue bow, and add baby's breath as needed. 

Be back soon with more pictures!