DIY Pinecone Boutonnieres Tutorial

Much like the pinecone bouquets, there were beautiful images of them on Pinterest, but zero tutorials on how to make them yourself. After lots of configuration, I'm here to help with that!



1 small pinecones collected from outside (you can also purchase from craft stores)
A branch of Christmas tree, collected from outside
1 packet of stem/floral wire
1 roll of brown floral tape
1 roll of twine
Hot glue gun/sticks
1 pack of 1.5 inch Bar Back Pins

Photo from my bouquet tutorial, hence the gray ribbon you don't need for this.

Photo from my bouquet tutorial, hence the gray ribbon you don't need for this.

Much like the bouquets, the first step is getting the floral wire into the pinecones. This was an interesting series of trial and error before it clicked and the answer was obvious. 

Take the middle of the wire and push it through one of the lower rows of scales - the lowest row you can fit it through (the super low ones are too closed off). I pulled one end of the wire towards the opposite end and then did the same to the other side until the wire was even on both ends and wrapped around the pine cone, as seen below. 

Now cross the wires in the center and start twisting all the way down the wire.


Once your wire is twisted, it's time to add the spruce trimming with some floral tape. This tape becomes sticky as your stretch it, but stretch it too much and it will rip, so be careful. I placed the pinecone wire on top of the branch of the spruce and just started wrapping the tape all the way down.


After the wire is wrapped in tape, it's time to add the bar back pin. Flip the pinecone over so the spruce side is facing you, open the pin and hold it in place. Start wrapping floral tape around the pin, tightly enough that it won't slide. 


After that, I just added the twine not only for more reinforcement, but for looks as well. I put few dabs of hot glue at the top before wrapping the twine the same way I did the tape, while the pine is still open, and added some hot glue at the end as well.


Once the twine is set and cut, you can clip the remaining wire to the desired length and close the pin back up. That's about all it takes! Each one took about 10 minutes to make and they're simply adorable.