How to order my mountain & forest wedding invitation suite

If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve most likely come across my mountain and forest wedding invitation design on Etsy. I understand you’re probably super overwhelmed with how to order these, so I’m hoping this post will help break it down a bit and make things easier. 

As always, feel free to message me on Etsy with any questions you have about ordering or customization. 

This entire suite is based on Cards and Pockets’ Signature Plus Pocket Invitations. I will include links and information on how to print them, how to get them diecut, and where to purchase accompanying envelopes and accessories later on in this post.



The invitation is broken down into 5 designed pieces: 
- The invitation card (5" x 7”)
- The menu insert (4.125" x 7”)
- The guest details insert (4.125" x 6.25”)
- The RSVP insert (4.125" x 5.5”)
- The map insert (4.125" x 4.75”)  


Each design is customizable with your information, colors, and minor changes to the copy when necessary. Any major changes to the layout, fonts, icons, and text placement is an additional $10/hr and you’ll need to message me for a time quote. 

You can find details on what info to include in your order on the individual or full set listing pages in my shop. 


If you do not need all of the inserts (like the menu or the map, etc), you can purchase each design individually, as linked above. As stated in the listing, be sure to specify what the tallest insert should be, middle, etc. 

Keep in mind that the RSVP insert must ALWAYS be kept at 4.125” x 5.5” because it needs to be able to fit into an A2 envelope. If you want your RSVP to be any bigger or smaller, you’ll need to submit a custom order request.

Below are the size options broken down by how many inserts you order. This is what your pocket invites will look like, WITHOUT the diecuts, based on what you order. You will see what they look like WITH diecuts later on in this post.




Once I am done customizing your invitation and inserts, you will receive each file as a high quality, print ready PDF. For the inserts, you will receive the back designs as PDF’s as well, regardless of whether or not you’re doing the diecuts or double sided printing - you can choose to not use those files.


"Diecuts" are custom shapes physically cut from your invitation or insert. Whenever I talk about diecuts in regards to these invitations, I am talking about the mountain and tree shapes that are cut out from the tops of the inserts like the photo below:


When put together within the pocket invite, they make up a mountain-scape and tree-scape look thanks to the colored designs printed on the backside.  


If you choose not to have all 4 inserts done, your mountain/tree-scape will look slightly different. Below are illustrated examples of what you can expect your mountain/tree-scape to look like based on the amount of inserts you include. 

The black thin line indicates the actual cut while everything else is what will be printed on the backside of your inserts to achieve the rest of the look.

So, for example, 4 inserts will get you 3 inserts cut like mountains, with the 3rd insert having a tree design printed on the back, and 1 insert cut like trees. 


If you only order 3 inserts, however, you will get 2 inserts cut like mountains and 1 insert cut like trees, dropping the third mountain, but with the 3rd insert having a tree design printed on the back to keep the second row of trees.


If you only have 2 inserts, they will both be shaped like mountains, but the smallest insert will have the design with both rows of trees printed on the back. 



If you want that same mountain and tree-scape look, select "Yes" in the "Include Diecut File" drop down menu on all of the inserts that you order. Upon delivery of your finished files, I will include a folder that has the diecut PDF files, sized to each insert (based on how many inserts there are, as explained above), and made to Cards and Pockets specifications.



While I did my own diecuts for my invitations, I don’t ever want to cut 280 inserts ever again and do not offer die cutting services. Cards and Pockets, however, offers custom laser cutting (aka diecuts) and you can have both your printing and laser cutting done by them if you really want to make everything easier on yourself.

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to send an email to with the Dropbox link I gave to you upon delivery of your completed files.

Tell them you’re looking to get a quote for both the custom laser cuts AND front/back printing of your inserts and invitation (invite does not have a back design).  

*It is important to mention that you inserts include both a front and back design, aka double sided printing. They charge $0.19 extra per insert for double sided printing, but it is the only way to achieve the mountain/tree-scape look once your diecuts are done.    

The laser team will look over the files, get back to you with a quote, and will take it from there. 


Once again, anything that you purchase from me in regards to this design will be a digital file that you are responsible for getting printed (and diecut if applicable). I currently do not have the means or the will to purchase industrial printers in order to properly, physically print these invitations, which is why ordering these can be a bit complicated.

While you are free to use any printer of your choice, keep in mind that the files (including the die cut files) for these invitations and for the listings on my Etsy related to these invitations are all sized for Cards and Pockets’ Signature Plus Pocket Invitations. 

Cards and Pockets was the only online printer I found that could print and cut the multi-sized inserts in order to achieve the mountain and tree-scape look I wanted. Places like Vistaprint only had sizes that didn’t work or differed too much.

If you are ordering inserts, I HIGHLY recommend you use Cards and Pockets for all your printing, as it will be easier and less complicated for you. 

If you decide to go elsewhere with your files, I am not responsible for how they turn out (words cut off, sizes wrong, etc). If you don’t want to use Cards and Pockets and still want me to design these invitations for you, please request a custom order so that we can figure out what size everything should be. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.14.05 AM.png

To see pricing and submit an order for an invitation + 4 inserts, please go here:


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.13.53 AM.png

To see pricing and submit an order for an invitation + 3 inserts, please go here:

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.14.12 AM.png

To see pricing and submit an order for an invitation + 2 inserts, please go here:


If you're looking to purchase the additional envelopes and accessories I used for my pocket invitations, I've included the links to where I got them below. 


1. Signature Plus Pocket Envelope
2. 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 Invitation Mats
3. A2 RSVP Envelopes
4. A+ Envelopes (outer envelope)
5. Custom Envelope liners: Design and Print
6. Custom Belly Bands: Design and Print