$48,496 + an arm and a leg

Step one of getting out of debt is to admit you have a problem. Lost of people, no matter how they got themselves into debt, choose to ignore it. Unless you wish to ruin your credit score and have an undying hatred of the concept of owning your own home, I don't recommend pretending it doesn't exist. The truth is that it does and if you're anything like me, you find it creepily mouth-breathing over your shoulder every time you make a purchase or think about that random 4 hour drive to New Hampshire you long to take. So, world, my name is Kelsey and I have a problem. A $48,496 problem (plus an additional $80,000, but we'll get to that later). I got here by trying to better myself with higher education and while I regret nothing about my college experience and the job I have because of it, I regret not caring as much as I do now about money management. If I knew then what I know now about student loans, I would have worked 3 more jobs in college, would have made the one hour commute more semesters, would have saved a lot more - anything to make it so my parents had to take out none, or less, loans.

Here's the breakdown by loan, including my car because it's smaller, but still significant with a $188/mo payment that could easily be put towards one of the loans instead.



These are all the loans that my parents put in my name, which I am currently paying and have been for the last two years or so. What isn't included in this chart, or my debt snowball plan all together (yet), is the $80,000 additional loan my parents have. No, I did not accidentally add an extra "0." $80,000. All together, my bachelors degree cost me a whopping $100,000+ and all I have to show for it right now is a $41,000 mid-level salary (luckily, with tons of potential for growth). The saddest part? This shit is free in pretty much every other country.

But the purpose here is not for me to rant (much) about what should have been, but instead to encourage other young graduates and show them that they're not alone. I find myself in the minority price wise when I discuss the total amount of my loans, so hopefully you're better off than I am and will find that financial peace a lot sooner. If not, you should consider fleeing the country immediately.