the google hangouts update can save you even more money with ting

So hopefully by now you have signed up for Ting, have it activated, and you're now practically an unpaid representative for them since you love them so much and can't stop talking about how much money they save you. No? Get Ting immediately.

If you do have Ting, Google Hangouts has just recently made an update that will save you even more money on your phone bill. I feel like the universe should implode at this point for our $20 phone bills defying the laws of physics, but yes, there's more savings to be had!

You can now make voice calls from Hangouts on Android and Hangouts on iOS across North America. For free. As long as you're connected to wifi, any call you make to any number across the US and Canada is entirely free. If you're a Ting user, these calls won’t count toward your voice minutes, meaning an even lower bill if you happen to use minutes frequently.

I have yet to go over the "small" minutes tier in the three months I've had Ting, but I was actually one minute away from being bumped to the medium tier last month due to having to call insurance companies, talk to Verizon, and other things that come up on occasion. Having Google Hangouts at my disposal when I need to make a phone call will really come in handy for keeping my minutes in the small tier.

Hope this helps!