ting, the real mvp of cell phone companies

Since switching to Ting back in August of 2014, I have never stopped raving about how awesome they are as a company and service. I have successfully referred $475 worth of friends, giving me a 17 month streak of never having to pay my phone bill since switching. How awesome is that? Sadly, I thought my streak was coming to an end, as I still hadn't convinced anyone to switch and the month was coming to a close. Knowing the sense of humor this company has, I decided  post about it on their Facebook page, inquiring if whether or not they had an award for setting some sort of record.

And in true Ting fashion, they delivered.

Ting referrals

Ting referrals

How many people can say this about their cell phone company?! They literally GAVE me $50, and this is not a rare occurrence!

Ting, you da real MVP.