I will not be silenced

Heartbroken. After a 19 month fight paying off $50k worth of student loan debt working FOUR jobs and making huge sacrifices, I said I would reward myself with a trip to Nashville to see Dave Ramsey and finally do my debt free scream. I listened to his podcast every morning on my way to my full-time job and cried my eyes out every time someone did their debt free scream, knowing it would be me up there someday, inspiring others to keep going.

While I find the debt free screams on Dave show very inspiring, it’s quite common most of them are making $100k+ or have combined incomes where they can throw one entirely on the debt - the people who are truly struggling to stay motivated don’t make these sorts of salaries, which is why I believe my story is a true feat. I paid off $50k worth of debt (at 27 years old) in 19 months, by myself, making $40k/yr for more than half of the time, plus working three other jobs. A much more common salary and situation people can relate to. I was so excited to share this with the world.

I applied on his website, answering all the questions honestly, including the one about credit card use. Yes, I have a credit card and yes, I use it. I use it every month for gas and groceries and pay it IN FULL when the bill is due - my card gives me rewards, and I get $25-30/mo towards my statement credit, which is essentially a free tank of gas. I have NEVER paid a cent of interest and have NEVER been in credit card debt in my 27 years of life.

I understand Dave's principals and his reasoning for being very against credit cards, but the response from Kelly, his phone/email screener, that I got (pictured below) completely shattered my heart into a million pieces.

I think it's a real shame Dave wants to keep my story hidden from the world simply because I have a credit card that I use responsibly. I said I could exclude the credit card from my story, since it certainly didn't play any part in my debt-free journey aside from giving me free money every month, but I have yet to hear back.

I fought SO HARD FOR THIS. I am truly disappointed.

For those struggling or know someone who is struggling with debt, please share my story. Don't let it be silenced for reasons that show, if anything, financial responsibility.