no-spend november results!

November came and went, bringing with it good food, good deals, and of course lots of money saving -  I hope. If you participated in my No-Spend November, you should have some numbers to show for it! While this challenge went well for me, I did hit a few roadblocks that required the attention of my wallet, but I can assure you they were with good intentions. Since I really don't seek to purchase things on a regular basis, or have any habits to break (like a morning coffee), I honestly didn't have any of that extra money to put away in the savings account I mentioned at the beginning of the month. I did, however, turn down some social events and aside from two things in which I considered "required spending," managed not to spend a single penny during No-Spend November. Here are results with a bit of explanation:

You'll see a couple of random purchases at Micheal's or Staples - these were for my Etsy shop. Ever heard of the saying "you have to spend money to make money?" Well, this was exactly that. Since I opened shop at the beginning of October, I had to dip into my personal account before I could start using the money I was making on orders to get the supplies. You'll notice, however, that I made sure to "reimburse" my personal account for those purchases later on, canceling out that spending.

An unfortunate thing about this month was the $380 I briefly spent on tickets for PAX East - the video game convention in Boston my boyfriend/friends and I attend every year. For the past four years tickets have always gone on sale during October, but since the introduction of PAX Aus this year, they postponed the sale until November. I'm the only one in my group with  desk job and a computer attached to the hip and since tickets sell out in a matter of seconds, I'm usually footing the bill until everyone pays me back. As you can see, I was reimbursed for two of the tickets and still waiting on another, so I technically only spent $95 to purchase my own, which I had been saving for since October.

Lastly was Black Friday, where I caved and did spend some money on a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. How I see it? I could have either spent the money on Black Friday and got the gift for $80 instead of $170, or waited until November was over and purchased it at $170, losing out on $90. I much rather take the hit on the challenge than my wallet, so I went for it.

Overall, aside from my regular student loan payments and bills, I spent a total of  $175 during the month of November, but really only $80 since I was saving and expecting the PAX tickets to be purchased in October. Either way, I consider it a successful money challenge that I definitely will participate in again next year!

Do have results/stories? Be sure to share them in the comments!