well, the parentplus loans are a lot less worse than i thought

So while I'm rapidly climbing my way out of the remaining student loan debt in my name, there's still the ParentPlus loans in my dad's name to tackle once I am debt free. The good news? The loans only amount to $68,000 vs the $84,000 we thought they were. The bad news? It's $68,000. Still, I'll take it!

The total cost of my education was over $100,000, and I'm grateful that my parents took on the majority of that amount so that I could focus on the loans in my name and still achieve future dreams without such a crippling amount of debt attached to my name. I'm still paying for more than half the payment every month, but this debt will never show up on my credit report or be tied to me in anyway when applying for a mortgage or any sort of loan.

It's discouraging to know that when I'm debt free, I won't actually be payment free, but between my parents and I we will make it. We will kill this $68,000 and rid ourselves of this huge financial burden.

I won't let student loans get the best of my parents, as they will never get the best of me.