splitting expenses with my boyfriend messes up my budget, but I found a solution

Since purchasing the You Need a Budget app a few months ago, I'm slowly getting used to how to use it (discovered I had been using it incorrectly for two months, but I'll talk about that later). It's been an amazing tool and I can finally keep better track of my spending while assigning any income I get to a job - whether it's to bills, loans, or savings, every dollar goes somewhere based on what I tell it to do.

Since my budget is like a virtual envelope system, all the money it keeps track of is the money I have in my checking and two savings accounts with my bank, thus the balance of my accounts should always match the balance I manage manually in YNAB. When it comes to splitting the bills with my boyfriend, however, this starts to become a problem.  Since I'm way more persistent and watch that shit like a hawk, whereas my boyfriend wouldn't know he was being robbed up the ass until he couldn't purchase the new League of Legends skin, we agreed the bills for our living expenses (internet, electric, food, etc) would be under my name and come from my account. He would pay me back his portion of the bills in cash and I'd deposit it back when I could, which is practically never since the bank is conveniently only open during the times I work.

Well, because I'm now assigning all my dollars in my account a job, there's no wiggle room for what LOOKS like MORE money coming out of my checking account, since I only plan for half of that. An example would be our internet bill. We pay $75/mo, which is around $38 dollars each. I assign $38 to my "internet" category in my budget, but the full $75 comes out instead. With both he and I having limited access to our bank except on weekends, it's usually a few days or a week until my budget is correct again and the numbers align. While it's not a huge deal, it's still a pain in the ass when you're trying to plan your next expenses and do the math.

That's when the app I recently discovered, Square Cash (or just "Cash") saved the day. I had been toying with the idea of using PayPal to get my boyfriend to pay me through there, but nothing is really solved here, since the money still takes 3-5 business days to show up in my bank account. After a doing a bit of research, I found "Cash" and decided to give it a try yesterday after I picked up an $85 headset for Jay on my way home from work.

They literally couldn't have made the app any easier. I downloaded it, put in my debit card information (and yes, it's safe, research it), picked Jay from my contacts, requested $85 and I was basically done. He got a text to his phone, which prompted him to download the app, put in his debit card, and send off the money just like that.

The best part? The $85 showed up in my bank account the next day. It's as if I was never missing it, which is exactly why this app is going to be great for future bill payments from him. No more waiting around to get to the bank or messing up my budget.

Here are a few screenshots from my phone and bank. Ignore the $85 I accidentally sent to Jay because I'm dumb and clicked "send" instead of "request."