want to cook? your total is one arm and a leg please

This weekend I learned that one frying pan costs $68.00 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Sixty. Eight. Dollars. That's just ONE pan, mind you. In order to have a fully working kitchen, I'm at least going to need a few frying pans and a wide assortment of pots. Like 7.

All the moms out there reading this, my mom included, are currently finding this hilarious. I see you sitting there, sipping your tea as you shake your heads with that "I told you so" look as I cry over the contents of my wallet, or lack there-of.

After posting my obligatory, disgruntled status on Facebook as to why pots and pans should never see a price tag past $10, I fled from Bed, Bath and Beyond and decided to shop around some. TJMaxx, Marshalls, Walmart, IKEA - they were all still really expensive. The cheapest I found were a set of two, small frying pans for $13 in the Walmart clearance section. Fantastic.

I texted Jay and told him we should change our Facebook relationship status to "married" just so we could roll in those sweet wedding registry benefits. I've been to bridal showers, the secret is out. Couples don't have to buy shit for their apartments after those things. Count me in.


Update: I actually ended up finding some really nice pots and pans at Ocean State Job Lot for $4-$10 depending on the size! They also come in all sorts of bright, fun colors, meaning I was able to match the lime green accent color in my kitchen. I was ecstatic.