i need what now?

According to Jay, the house should be finished by next week, giving us an ETA of next weekend for our move-in date - I'm so excited! With that being said, I have a lot to prepare for. For the past week, I've been on Pintrest as if it was my full-time job. Palettes! Colors to match the walls and floors! What colors should our kitchen be? Oh god Jay can I pleeeeease reupholster the chairs I got for $15 (with table) off of Craigslist with Skyrim/Zelda/Firefly/Game of Thrones fabric!? OH GAWD I'M PUTTING THE SKYRIM QUEST MARKER ON OUR FRIDGE ITS GONNA BE AWESOME. LOOK AT THIS KITTEN ON CRAIGSLIST CAN WE GET HER!?

Then I realized we needed furniture and household items like spoons and shit. I guess we kinda need couches for the living room. Wait I need a bed? Cue panicking.

So I started researching (ie googling) some lists of things people need when moving into their first dorm room or first apartment. The information was overwhelming and at times, conflicting. "Hire a pest control professional to clear your new home of any pests!" What? This is not about pots or toilet paper. Wtf Google.

So I took the liberty of gathering the things I did find, which I figured would be related to our needs, and put them in this post. Hopefully it may be useful to one of you someday. If not, feel free to continue reading anyway to admire my exceptional list organizational skills.


  • Coffee Mugs – I dunno about Jay, but I love me my tea on a Saturday morning <3 (fuck waking up an extra hour early to drink some before work because it takes forever to cool down)
  • Silverware/knives - I know Walmart sells some really nice silvery ones in packs of like 6 for a little more than a  dollar. Really can't beat it.
  • Tuppaware - pretty much a must have for me. I pack all leftovers into tuppaware and if you have a bunch of different sizes that are all the same brand, its easy to organize and dedicate a cabinet or drawer to. And Jay won't have a squished sandwich for work everyday :)
  • Plates - yes, we'll be eating off of plates
  • Bowls - for ice cream, duh
  • Cups - glasses, plastic cups, etc
  • Pots & Pans - I plan to do some cooking whenever I can, so I plan to invest in some decent pots/pans so they'll last me a good while
  • Tea Kettle - for tea and hotchocolate and such
  • Ice Cube Tray - ice ice baby
  • Spatulas/Big Spoons/Baking Utensils - I LOVE to bake, so these are pretty essential for mixing and whatnot. Also for serving foods
  • Can Opener - probably not the electric kind cause if the zombie apocalypse comes and all we have are canned foods and no power, I'm gonna be pretty pissed when I can't get the cans open and wonder why the fuck I thought an electric can opener was a good idea when I was writing this post
  • Toaster Oven - bagels, poptarts, toast, etc. Plus the oven part is way better than a microwave for reheating certain foods
  • Microwave - do we have one of these?
  • Garbage Can/Bags - duh
  • Dish Towels - for drying hands and dishes when needed so we don't have to keep spending money on paper towels
  • Salt/Pepper shakers - I dunno something nice to match the dining room area
  • Spices – Oregano, parsley, basil, garlic, paprika, onion powder, cinnamon, ginger, other baking kinds
  • Saran Wrap/Aluminum Foil/Sandwich Baggies/Wax Paper - always need some of these
  • Oven Mitts - so I don't burn my hands off when I make Jay cookies
  • Counter Decor - I dunno stuff like containers that match the colors and stuff. Video game things awwe yeah
  • White Board - something to stick on our fridge so we can write notes to each other or something if needed
  • Grocery List - to write down what we need for food
  • Paper Towel Holder - something chrome or black to match
  • Napkin Holder - same as paper towel holder


  • Couches – Jay wants a big red couch from IKEA, which should be interesting to work with design/color wise. I usually hate the color red, but I feel like it's gonna work well the walls, floor, and color palette I have in mind
  • Coffee Table - still looking for one of these
  • Various End Tables - maybe some tables to put at the end of the couches to put a lamp on or something
  • Floor Lamps - to go in a corner or behind the couch for some nice light
  • House Plants - I've been on the hunt for a house plant that jumps out to me and looks nice with the colors of the living room
  • Frames/Canvas Prints - Jay and I don't have any babies (yet lololololo), but I definitely want to do something cool with canvas prints of our favorites games and such to reflect the things we enjoy


  • Bed Frame – getting a nice black modern looking bed frame from IKEA for $99!
  • Desk - found something at Walmart for $50 that's really nice
  • Bureau - something black, probably at IKEA
  • Floor Lamp - to go in a corner or behind my bed for some nice light
  • Sheets/Comforter - got these from Target. Gonna look so sexy with my color palette
  • Hangers - sot one color, just need to get the rest
  • Laundry Basket - for obvious reasons
  • Organizer Bins - my closet has neat little shelves built in so I want to get some of those cloth bins in the colors I'll have in my room.
  • Trash Bin - gonna need one in my room too


  • Shower Curtain/Liner – Jay is totally doing a Beatles bathroom, which is gonna be sweet. He already has a Beatles shower curtain ready to go hahaha
  • Cups/Containers - to hold our toothbrushes and stuff on the counter
  • Hand Towels - for us and our guests to dry our hands
  • Wash Cloths - if we have guests over and they forget whatever they use to wash themselves with, we'll be prepared for them. Plus I use these on occasion for my face and whatnot
  • Towels - regular ones for bodies, smaller ones for hair
  • Bath Rug - so we don't slip, hit our heads on the tub or toilet, and die coming out of the shower. My mom has this really nice memory foam type one, so I'm thinking that
  • Trash Bin - definitely need one in the bathroom
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towels/Tissues - for obvious reasons
  • Plunger - ewww
  • Toilet Brush - for washing the toilet
  • Hand Soap - for washing hands and stuff
  • Air Freshener - spray kind and probably one of those wall ones for all around freshness and good smellin'
  • Guest Stuff - disposable razors, travel shampoos/conditioners, soaps, deodorant, girly things, spare toothbrushes, medicines, etc for people who come to our house and either can't go home for some reason, or forget to bring things. We'll get this shit later


  • Windex - for windows and mirrors
  • Bleach Spray - for bathroom and whatnot
  • Vacuum - gotta get a decent, lightweight vacuum so it lasts
  • Laundry Detergent/Dryer Sheets - for washing clothes
  • Sponges/Magic Eraser - magic erasers are seriously magic
  • Dishwasher Detergent - for washing dishes
  • Carpet Cleaner - I swear if anyone spills anything on the rug I'll murder them
  • Swiffer - one for the dry and wet mops, screw brooms
  • Iron - for clothes? Pffft, for my heat press vinyl duh


  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Power Strips
  • Extension Cords
  • Batteries
  • Toolbox
  • Sticky Notes
  • Clothes Line


  • Keurig?
  • Crockpot

I come to terms with the fact that realistically, we won't be moving in with much. There's so much stuff we're going to need and forget about that it's impossible to be completely prepared. But at least this is a decent start :)