is this real life?

The fact that this is the very first post I'm writing on my shiny new blog/updated website has me giddy. For months, between other projects, I have been working quietly behind the scenes in a super secret section of my website to bring you what you see now. A fresh, new look and somewhat of an actual purpose other than a portfolio website. For what has probably been years now, I've wanted a website, a blog of some sorts, where I could showcase not only my professional work for my career as a web/graphic designer, but also the billions of projects and creative ideas I constantly have floating throughout my brain. As an avid reader of blogs about home decor, being frugal, and crafting, I was missing out on a small corner of the internet where I could do the same. My only problem? I was still living with my parents. How was I supposed to even start projects about re-purposing furniture, or building a chicken coop in my backyard to save money, or redecorating my living room when the only space I had, which wasn't even "mine," was a small bedroom I've occupied since childhood? I lacked a home, a place to call my own and do as I see fit. Unable to release my creativity anywhere else except for my computer, or begin the projects I had been so desperately longing to do, was certainly creating a void.

These past few months have brought many changes with it. I've never been so busy and more overwhelmed with life than I am right now. In a nutshell, to save you all from the CRAAWWWWLIING IIIIN MYYYYY SKIIIIIIN life problems I'm sure everyone else is dealing with as well: my parents got divorced after 30 years of marriage, I'm still living with my parents, my mom's new boyfriend moved into my house, my dad moved out, I'm still living with my parents, I work like four jobs just to get away from a certain controlling individual, and I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years - the one I was positive I was going to start my life with at 24. Oh and did I mention I'm still living with my parents? How am I ever going to move out now that a boyfriend isn't involved in the equation?

Well, guess what? I'M MOVIN' OUT! [cue sexy dance party music]

I apologize for the anti-climatic, straight-to-the-point ending of my story, but I had to get it out.

The best part? I'm moving into a house, not a shitty apartment like most forever alone 20-something-year olds. A house that is completely being rebuilt from the inside and out - everything is new! I'll be living with my friend and business partner, Jay, and probably our other friend (and business partner ), Alex. Alex will be that guy who comes to our home, lets himself in before Jay and I get home from work, and eats our snacks while watching TV on the couch. And when either Jay or I want to watch something on said TV, he will yell and tell us to go away and then ask me what's for dinner. He will also most likely watch me sleep at night. He's that guy.

It's gonna be fucking awesome <3


Pictures of the house and, of course, my projects and ideas will be coming soon - stay tuned!