good riddance to loan #2

Deja-vu, anyone?

Today marks another milestone on my path to getting out of student loan debt, one that benefits me in many other ways aside from an extra $238/mo to put towards my next loan. I paid off the remaining$7,689.25 on my car. I own it now, it's mine. Unless something completely tragic happens, I will have this car for the rest of my existence, as I made sure it could fit two car seats in the back and had a build that would last a lifetime.

While I did set up a 40-week money challenge for my car (and did save for it), all of the money ended up coming from the success of my Etsy shop during the holiday season. Nonetheless, it was still beneficial to have and I'll be able to use the money currently awaiting use to tackle my $13k student loan. This money challenge was for 40 weeks, with increments of $11 and an end goal of $900. At the most, payments would have been in the $400's as I got closer to the goal.

Paying off my car obviously happened a lot faster than expected, but it didn't go without hard work and admittedly a few tears after countless all-nighters trying to get orders out before Christmas. I hand-made and sent out over 700 ornaments all over the world and worked from the time I got home from my full-time job until midnight every night until Christmas.

Be that as it may, if I continue on this path, my estimated date for ridding myself of this debt is somewhere in 2018 or sooner. I'll be 28 by then, an age long past my once estimated "buying a house" age and having kids age and having a life age, but it's a lot better than somewhere into my 30's. I've come to accept my "life plan" is no longer realistic thanks to debt, but I know now I'm not a lost cause. I can do this.