2016: A Year In Review

2016: A Year In Review

Wow. What can I say? 2016 was the most eventful, wonderful year of my entire young life thus far. I achieved many important goals, learned a lot of valuable lessons, grew as a person and spent a year working my ass off to ensure my future is a bright one.

good riddance to all of the student loan debt in my name forever

I am typing this with tears in my eyes as I can finally move on with my life and achieve my life goal of buying a house and starting a family. $48,496 of mostly student loan debt (I included my car in this total) paid off in 19 months - 12 of those months I was making just $40-$41k/yr at my full-time job.

good riddance to loan #3

Guys. I'm in tears. TEARS. Today, I paid off my second to last student loan of $13,000. After I paid off my car in January, I started tackling this loan, making the pay-off time 8 months! That's now an extra $350/mo I will be able to apply to my very last student loan, which has a payment of $280/mo.